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Our favorite hikes in Missouri

Close to town

Audobon Trails

in town,
3 miles of trails

Bray CA

just outside of town, 2.5 mi loop

Little Prairie Lake

7 mi from Rolla
3 mi loop around lake

Lane Spring

11 mi S of town.
two 1 mi trails, spring
great for kids

Maramec Spring

near St. James
spring, hatchery, fishing
great for kids

Mill Creek

near Newburg
16 mi trail system
natural tunnel

Spring Creek Gap

16 mi N of Rolla. Trail system
creek, rock formations

Clifty Creek

near Dixon
2.5 mile loop
natural bridge

Along I-44

Onondaga Cave SP

36 mi from Rolla.
1-3 mi trails, cave tours

Meramec SP

45 mi from Rolla.
Many trails, 1 to 10 mi

Shaw Nature Reserve

68 mi from Rolla.
14 mi trail network

Bennett Spring SP

69 mi from Rolla.
Natural tunnel trail 7 mi

Don Robinson SP

76 mi from Rolla.
4 mi and 2.5 mi trail

South of Rolla

Paddy Creek Wilderness

50 mi S of Rolla. Big Piney trail 17 mi

Devil's Well

50 mi S of Rolla. Cave Spring trail 4.6 mi

Current River SP

54 mi S of Rolla.
1.4- 10 mi trails

Echo Bluff SP

55 mi S of Rolla.
2 - 10 mi trails

Prairie Hollow Gorge

78 mi S of Rolla.
Rocky gorge, 100' cliffs

Alley Spring

80 mi from Rolla.
Historic mill, 1.5 mi trail

Rocky Falls

84 mi from Rolla.
3 mi to Klepzig Mill,
3 mi to Stegall Mtn

Hercules Glades

140 mi from Rolla.
30 mi of trails

North and West of Rolla

Painted Rock

55 mi N of Rolla.
1.6 mi loop

Lake of the Ozarks SP

67 mi from Rolla.
35 mi of trails

Ha Ha Tonka SP

74 mi from Rolla.
castle ruin, spring, natural bridge

Rock Bridge Memorial SP

89 mi N of Rolla.
0.5-9 mi trails

Southeast of Rolla

Bell Mountain

73 mi from Rolla.
12 mi loop trail

Washington SP

74 mi from Rolla.
1.5-6 mi trails, petroglyphs

Hughes Mountain

81 mi from Rolla.
Rhyolite formations
1.5 mi RT

Johnson Shutins SP

82 mi from Rolla.
2.5-10 mi trails

Elephant Rocks SP

85 mi from Rolla.
1 mi Braille trail

St. Francois SP

89 mi from Rolla.
16 mi of trails

Taum Sauk Mountain

100 mi from Rolla.
Highest waterfall in MO
3.5-5 mi trails

Pickle Springs

100 mi from Rolla.
Sandstone formations
2 mi trail. Great for kids.

Hickory Canyon

100 mi from Rolla.
Sandstone formations
2 mi trail. Great for kids.

Hawn SP

104 mi from Rolla.
Whispering pines trail 10 mi
N loop 6 mi, S loop 4 mi

Millstream Gardens

101 mi from Rolla.
1 mi accessible trail
4 mi trail to Silvermines RA

Sam A Baker SP

117 mi from Rolla.
12 mile trail system

Cathedral Canyon

112 mi from Rolla.
shutins of lower rock creek
4 mi RT

Rockpile Mountain

123 mi from Rolla.
7 mi RT to summit
stone circle