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Ha Ha Tonka State Park

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Ha Ha Tonka is one of the most varied state parks in Missouri and a great place to take visitors to. The features include castle ruins, the 12th largest spring in the state, a natural bridge, a stair case with 316 wooden steps. Trails range from 500ft long wheelchair accessible and paved to 7 miles through the savanna and glades of Turkey Pen Hollow. There are also several short walks that can be linked together.

Turkey Pen Hollow Trail: The 7 mile hike leads through large grassy glades and prairies, so wait until tick season is over. Fall is perfect, because the woodlands offer beautiful fall colors if you catch the right point in time. The hike can be shortened to 5 miles by using the connector, but that cuts of the best part - we recommend doing it in its entirety if you can manage.

One of our favorite combinations of short trails (approximately 4 miles total): Park at the natural bridge. Cross the street to the trailhead of Devil's Kitchen Trail, follow Devil's Kitchen Trail to the end (1 mile) to a playground and picnic area. Cross the street, keep left, and descend the stairs to the paved trail that leads from the lake parking lot to the spring. You may want to take a small detour around the Island and visit the Balanced Rock. Walk to the spring. Climb the staircase, hike the boardwalk past the water tower and the paved trail to the castle. When you have explored the castle ruins, retrace your steps and branch off to the natural bridge and your car.