Hiking in Missouri
Rocky Falls
Rocky falls is located in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Park
Area information
Klepzig Mill
How to get there from Rolla
Topo map: trail to Klepzig Mill
Topo map: trail to Stegall Mountain

From Rocky Falls, you can hike to Klepzig Mill or to Stegall Mountain.
For both hikes, cross the creek and follow the trail downstream until you reach a junction with the Ozark Trail after half a mile.
To Stegall Mountain, turn right at the junction and follow the Ozark Trail to the top of Stegall Mountain.

The rocky glades on the mountain are home to the Collared Lizard.

To Klepzig Mill, turn left at the junction and follow the Ozark Trail down Rocky Creek

to Klepzig Mill.

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