Rolla Hiking

Rolla is "in the middle of everywhere", and there are many state parks, recreation, conservation and wilderness areas close by. On this page, we are listing our favorite hikes in Missouri that can be done as day trips. They range from one mile strolls we did with our young children, to ten mile hikes. On the way, you can explore springs, rivers, cliffs, caves, natural tunnels, forests and glades.


We have reorganized the list of hikes because the large number of destinations made it impractical to sort by distance and keep groups of hikes in the same area together. Destinations are now grouped in five categories: close to town, along I-44, South of Rolla, North and West of Rolla, South-East of Rolla, respectively. Within each group, destinations are sorted by distance from Rolla. We hope this makes it easier for you to find hikes and combine hikes in similar areas.

Don't know where to start? Click here for our suggestions for adults, families with children, and mobility impaired visitors.

Hiking with children? We wrote about our experience here .

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