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Rolla Hiking

Our favorites

We love these longer hikes and have done each several times:
Hawn State Park - Whispering Pines Trail
Ten miles through pine forests, along a creek, over rocky knobs

HaHaTonka State Park - Turkey Pen Hollow Trail
7.5 miles through open savannah and glades. Great fall colors.

Paddy Creek Wilderness - South/North Loop
8-9 miles across very varied terrain. Forest, bluffs, stream crossing, small waterfalls

Rocky Falls to Klepzig Mill
Beautiful creek and rocks.

Meramec State Park - Wilderness Loop Trail
10 miles. Glades, woods, creek, spring, cave.

Our kids' favorites

We hiked almost every weekend with our kids. These are the places we visited over and over:

Lane Spring Recreation Area
Shallow river for water play, two short trails,
climbing Blossom Rock, play structure

Johnson Shutins State Park
Rocks by the water =endless play. Visitor center with exhibits.

Elephant Rocks State Park
1 mile loop trail with rock formations, hidden passageways

HaHaTonka State Park
Devil's kitchen, big spring, castle ruins, natural bridge, play structure. Many short trails.

Maramec Spring Park
Spring, fish hatchery, playground.

For people with impaired mobility

We visited these sites with people who can only walk short distances and need a wheelchair for longer distances.

Johnson Shutins State Park
Wheelchair accessible walkway to the viewing platforms at the shutins.

Elephant Rocks State Park
Wheelchair accessible 1 mile loop trail with interpretive signage in Braille.

HaHaTonka State Park
Wheelchair accessible trail from upper parking lot to castle.
The trail from the parking lot by the lake to the spring is wheelchair accessible for a large part; the last portion on the boardwalk has some steps.

Rocky Falls and Alley Mill and Spring and Round Spring
Coming from Rolla, these three destinations can be combined into a nice daytrip.
Flat gravel path to Round Spring from the parking lot; a few steps at the end. Wheelchair accessible path to Alley Mill. Level gravel path around the spring. Short gravel path to Rocky Falls from the parking lot.